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Doughboys Doughnuts Melbourne

Hey it's monday again! And I reckon I'd start this week with a little bit of an adventure, also a little bit of writing! But today's journey is actually a no adventure, because I'm already familiar with this place! I would say it is popular among the sweet-tooth, and if you're a sucker for a yummy, insta-pleasing donuts, this place should be on top of your list!

Doughboys Doughnuts

Doughboys Doughnuts is a mod little space in the corner of Bourke St x William Street, Melbourne CBD. This area is pretty busy on the weekdays because of all the office buildings around it, nonetheless finding this joint is a no sweat since just right across of the building, there's a tram stop for tram number 86 and 96 (check out the full address and the map on the bottom of this blog post if you're still not sure!).

Doughboys Doughnuts has been around for quite awhile and they're baking fresh doughnuts daily from Monday to Saturday to satisfy all of your donuts cravings. I have heard about their doughnuts goodness since I arrived in Melbourne back in 2017, but my first real encounter with them was actually when my Indonesian friends came to visit me at the start of this year (2019). After that, I went for my very first visit, and now my friend Megga is working there, I have no more excuse to not put this gem on the blog!

When you first stepped in their door, you'll see all of their donuts through this giant rounded corner glass display on stacking trays, and right next to it, there'll be a close-up look of their donuts complete with their names, descriptions and also their prices. The prices are around $4.50 to $7.50  depending on how complex  they are, and if you ask what my most favorite donut is, let's just be clear first that I'm a simple girl, okay? I've honestly been head over heels about their Dusted Cruller, which is essentially just a choux pastry donut with sugar and cinnamon sprinkle. Quite a basic choice, but I am pretty much obsessed! *and if you can see from the photos below, they're the only one that's sold out too* ;)

Another thing that I discover is that their doughnuts choices changes according to the season, which is somewhat exciting and terrifying at the same time especially if you have your own personal favorite! Imagine (for example) if you really love this one doughnut and turns out it's only available on spring time, oh I would die out of cravings! But on the other hand, variation is a good thing too. You'll never get bored, you'll have more choices, and you'll always wonder what would they come up with next!

For the space, Doughboys has decent amount of tables and chairs both inside also outside the shop, and if I'm not mistaken, they can accommodate around 45 people in total, 17 inside and 28 outside. 80% of Doughboys customers are mostly corporate people, either coming for their donut fix, to do some work, casual meetings, or even just for a cup of coffee while reading the news that they provided on the bench. The rest? Just anyone, really, from students, tourists, tradee, locals, internationals, or even just passer-by. **from my 30 minutes viewing, might be inaccurate

Now let's talk about beverages! As I have mentioned before, other than donuts, people are also coming to Doughboys for their coffee. At the moment Doughboys are using Clement's coffee beans for their white coffee as well as Seven Seeds's beans for their black coffee and their batch brew. Both of those beans are in fact some of the top ones in the Melbourne coffee industry, so they should be just as good. Other than that, they have hot chocolate, tea, chai, OJ, and also shakes.

I honestly haven't tried their coffee yet, me and Megga even had this inside joke where she said that I just don't want to drink the coffee that she made, LOL. I don't think that it's true, but I am indeed can be a bit of a snob when it comes to my coffee (barista problem). Nothing personal, but I'll definitely stop by one day and drink your coffee, Meg! And it's better be the best coffee of my life! ;) Here's all the photos of you for now, hahahaha :

Overall, I would totally recommend Doughboys Doughnuts to anyone who's visiting Melbourne! This post is nowhere near sponsored, and I am not biased just because Megga is working here, it's just an advantage for me because I definitely felt less awkward taking (LOTS of) photos in the joint when I have someone that I know there. If you know what I mean. :)

Anyways, I hope this post helps you in any ways. Leave comments and share this post to your friends who's going or are visiting or perhaps even live in Melbourne! Sharing is caring :) Until next time!

Business Hours : Mon - Fri : 7 AM - 4.30 PM | Sat : 9 AM - 4 PM
Coffee : Yes
Brunch : No
Dessert : Yes (Doughnut Only)
Indoor Capacity : +- 17
Outdoor Capacity : 28
Total Capacity : +- 45
RSVP / Walk In : Walk In
Waiting Time : Less than 5 minutes
Range Price : $5-$15/person
Ambiance : Wooden
Toilet : Inside the office building
WiFi : No 
Vegan / Vegetarian Options : Vegetarian Yes, but check for Vegan Options


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