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Day 8 : Cleaning All the Jugs in The Cafe, Conference Video Call with Friends, HaloDoc & More Concern on the Bump, Watching Dark

Saturday, August 8th 2020

This morning I woke up early. I could've woken up earlier actually, knowing how many hours I spent for sleeping last night. But I did wake up early enough to finally finish up Day 6's journal and uploaded it to the blog. I also got plenty of time for getting ready (I put on moisturiser, sunscreen also eyebrow make up! lol), and also watering my plants πŸ˜† I felt like today is going to be very quiet in the cafe, and I'll be sent home very early, but.. We'll see!

My guess about  the cafe will be very quiet was totally right! I think from 9AM to 10AM, I only served less than 10 people! Crazy, right?! And as per usual, I would try and look for something to do, I honestly couldn't just stand there and chat like what everybody else was doing (even though Nick was probably fine with it too). So I grab all of the jugs in the cafe, started a mini hot pool in the sink, drizzle some coffee machine cleaner and soak all the jugs in there.


After 10 minutes of soaking, I took it out and start scrubbing, and then I rinsed it, and put it in the dishwasher to sanitise it. The result was quite mesmerising! They were so clean and shiny, didn't look like new, but I tell you it's pretty damn close! I am actually very proud, lol!

On lunch time, Nick asked me to have some lunch and sent me home afterwards, another guess is ticked. That means I only worked for 3 hours today, it should've been illegal, lol. I know it sucks to have your hours reduced, but the thing is, everyone's hours are reduced. I still have the most hours in the cafe after my head barista (he's a full timer, I'm a casual), and I truly believed that Nick kept me coming on Saturday not because he needed me, but because he cares for me, just like he cares for everybody else who works for him, so I really can't complain.

I had cauliflower & leek soup for lunch with bacon on the side, it was so yum! And while I was eating, Carly and Dulshan came to say hi! Oh my, it makes my heart full whenever they come & visit me at Gordon, because to get there, they literally have to walk 15 minutes one way, so I truly appreciated it! A bit sad because I can't make them coffee since I'm already finishing, but very glad to see them. They told me that they're doing a zoom call with a bunch of our friends this afternoon and asked if me and Billy wanted to join, and of course the answer is YES! I'm so excited to see everyone even though it's only from the screen, I can't wait to be home now!

I went back home right after I devoured my soup, and I saw a surprise on the bed, Billy folded my clean clothes!! So nice of him! Then Billy set up his laptop for us to join the conference call. I was so happy to see everyone in the call, because we haven't reconciled in a long time! We were catching up with everyone's life and we played several online games together, we played on JackBox.tv, it was fun and we had a good laugh. I really missed them and glad to see them healthy and safe wherever they are, I really wish I could see them soon after this is all over.

This afternoon I also did more research about the bump on my forehead. One of my friend in Indonesia chatted me on Instagram and she told me about HaloDoc. It's a website/app where you can do a consultation with a real doctor and get prescriptions from them. There are a lot of doctors to choose from, from GP to specialists. And this is really interests me! I tried to book an online chat with one of the doctor, but I had a problem when I wanted to pay for the fee.

Turns out I can't pay them with my Australian Debit card, which is weird because they do take Master Card payment. Anyhow, I tried to pay them with my brother's Go-Pay account (one of the common payment method in Indonesia), but I couldn't seem to get it through. Maybe because I'm operating the web from here, and they tried to connect me to the Go-Pay account from my mobile, which I don't have. Anyways! I ended up finding some GP in there that's offering a free consultation, and decided to go with it.

By the way, can I just take a moment and say that this website is an absolute genius?! I mean, Australia should have one of these! You just go into the website or you can also download the app, and whichever doctors you needed, you're literally one chat away from them. You just need to pick one that's available, and they would show you how many years of experience that they have as well the ratings and the pricing on the side. TOO EASY!

So I picked the free one and I told the doctor about my concern and my story, and he said that the bump might be a Lipoma / Atheroma, and yes if I want it, I can get it removed through a cosmetic surgery. I still needed to clarify if this bump is actually non threatening though, but at least now I kinda know what that is and I know that I could go to a surgeon to get a professional advice from them 😊 

I didn't want to waste too much time on this, so I searched for a surgeon nearby and I found one that's actually only 200 metres away from home, and it's open too! I called them straight away and asked how much should I pay if I wanted to do a consultation. Unfortunately, they said it's $175 to do a consultation with the surgeon, I was just SHOCKED! She said I could do a rebate with Medicare though, but OMG if $175 is only for the consultation, can you imagine how much it would cost me to get this removed?

I'm honestly quite devastated now. I've been spending so much money this year for my visa, for my root canal and for my health assessment. I think everything in total has costed me $6000+. I mean, that's freaking a lot! I haven't even done the crown to finish my root canal, because that alone would cost me another $1500. And knowing that I've been losing a lot of working hours as well on this pandemic, I'm literally barely surviving. Oh gosh, why am I so problematic this year. I really hope that my upcoming health assessment which costed me $400 will say that I'm perfectly healthy. Or else, I don't know what to do anymore.


The rest of the afternoon, I spent it to finish my Day 7th journal as well as writing today's journal. What a huge relief to finally catching up with this journal thing. My goal  is to write my journal as the day goes by and not the day after. I'm freaking close to doing it and I'm excited to have my life back on track, without any stress and lack of sleep. 

For dinner, we ate the leftovers from what Billy bought last night on takeaways, which is Fried Chicken & chips! We felt like we needed to add something more on the plate, so we cooked Indomie as well as having some fresh salad leaves on the side too. It was quite satisfying :) After dinner we had Magnum Almond for our dessert, this is our favorite ice cream by the way! And then we watched Dark on Netflix.

I seriously recommended this series for you guys to watch, O M G! This series is mind blowing, the first three to four episodes you would be like, "Wtf, who's this? who's that? wait, what??" They'll keep you wondering and said, "OH MY GODD, WHAT HAPPEEEEENNNEEED?? TELL MEEEEE" each time you finished an episode. It always makes you want to watch some more. And whenever you finished a season (there are 3 of them), it would make you like, "WHAAAAAAT?!" lol. It sounds like I'm exaggerating, but once you watch it, you'll probably gonna understand.

I didn't do anymore work after chilling on the couch. Well, I tried, but my eyes started watering again, so I stopped. But I checked on what I needed to do next, it's quite overwhelming, but exciting. I can't wait to sleep so I could wake up tomorrow and start working again. ALSO, I couldn't believe that I'm already doing the journal for a week now, WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT?! I'm very proud of myself and it's just a real milestone to be able to write again after three years of hiatus! Whatever it is that kept me going, I'm super thankful for it! (Is it myself? hahaha)

But yeah, thank you so much for anyone (or just one person) who's been with me throughout this journey and reading this journal. I didn't gain anything financially, but I gain a lot of personal satisfaction. This proves that if I want to achieve something, I could just go and get it :) Anyways, what milestones have you achieved this week? Let me know!

I'll see you guys tomorrow!


  1. I also didn't expect to keep reading this daily journal, but every night i always look forward your story.
    Hahahahha.. this week i managed to commit to daily exercise..

    1. hahaha.. I think you're the only one who reads it! :) Wow, great! I can't exercise at all right now, but I'm planning to fix it for next month! This month I want to focus on fixing my online platform :)

  2. And maybe you can make a youtube or share in this journal about coffee, or espresso or milk latte and how to make a great ratio of latte :D .. just for an idea

    1. That one is quite hard because I don't have any coffee machine at home, haha.. But I could try it maybe at work, Idk, haha.. Thanks for the idea :)





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