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Day 9 : Productive Sunday, Catching Up with Megga, Editing Problem, Discover Epidemic Sound & Shelby Church

Sunday, 9th August 2020

I didn’t wake up today with the best mood, even though I did I woke up early. Maybe because I was having a weird dream (it was complicated and not worth mentioning). I also didn’t feel like wanting to be productive today, the motivation wasn’t really there. But nonetheless, I knew I had to do something productive, so I still went to my desk anyway.

I was supposed to start with editing another Cafe Vlog this morning. I got all the footages already (or so I thought), I just needed to edit them and make each footage connects with the others. I never shoot my Cafe Vlog in one day by the way, it always takes me two to four different days to get all the footages. And yeah, to make it looks more seamless, I had to wear the same clothes every time I shoot, hahah.

I have already renamed all of the footages, and imported all of them to Final Cut Pro, but somehow they didn't render. Maybe importing and rendering are actually two different things 😅 Oh gosh, after all these years teaching myself how to edit, I still didn’t get it. But I do admit that editing is one of my weakness and I couldn’t wait until I get to the point where I can hire my own video editor.

There was this one video of me making coffee, and it took so long to render (45 minutes footage). I couldn't do any editing when it's rendering because everything becomes choppy, and waiting for the video to render is a big distraction to my workflow, and it makes my motivation to edit even lower. I can't even blame anything at this point though, because I knew my laptop is not made for heavy editing, so I can only wait and be patient.

While I was waiting I stumbled upon this video that Shelby Church made, about how bloggers are actually making more money than YouTubers, and it really caught my attention. Especially now that I'm comfortable enough to get back on writing on the blog, this could be another breakthrough for me! I was quite excited with what I found on her video, check it out if you like. And I was just thinking now, what should I write in here after the 31 Days of Journal is over? Should I just continue? Or should I change into a more specific type of niche?

Around 10 AM I had breakfast with Billy, he made us omelette and it was good 😉 After that, I made the bed, I cleaned the toilet, I took a shower and washed my hair. Then I went back to my laptop to look for Back Ground Music (BGM) for the vlog. Finding a good BGM for me is a whole another level of searching, and it could get frustrating as well. I am quite particular in the type of BGM that I like (lo-fi chill), but the ones that I like is usually copyrighted. (SHID)

I felt a bit frustrated this time, and I decided to go on my phone for a bit. DANG I forgot I supposed to meet Megga this afternoon. I chatted her and asked her if she wanted to come over to my place, and she said yes. But since we're not allowed to have anyone to visit, so I went down to meet her and we had a bit of a walk in the park. The plan was actually to exchange coffee book, I lend her my 'What I know about Running Coffee Shops' book, and she lent me her James Hoffman Book. And I also gave her her belated birthday present that was supposed to be given to her a couple of months ago, loll. Damn Covid.

We walked for a good 45 minutes before we said goodbye. It was good to catching up with her again, we were talking about quite a lot of stuffs. I'm glad she got a job now, and that she's healthy. We both have our own struggles in life but we tried to stay positive and lift each others up in this tough times. But I truly hope that she'd achieve what she wished for, because she deserves it :) I walked her to the tram station after a good long walk and chat, we said goodbye, and we parted. I had a bit of a walk back to my place. But it's very pretty today, so I don't mind.

After seeing Megga, I went back home and lay on the couch, tried to continue my BGM search. I usually would go to Thematic.com but honestly, thematic's user interface is not the best one out there. They got a lot of dope music, but it's still quite hard for me to find a specific BGM that I liked. So then I tried to look on another platform, and this time I found EpidemicSound. I registered myself in there and I got 30 days of free subscriptions (gotta pay $15/month or $114/year afterwards). I looked around the site to find good tunes, and after finding four of them, I ended up falling asleep, lol.

I woke up to Billy's cooking dinner, we're having an Eye Fillet Steak, sweet potato chips and leaves salad. Billy cooked again this time, and it's a very nice of him for doing that 😍 I realized that time went by very quickly and I haven't done much today. I felt quite sad. But really, the energy is just not there I don't know why. I think doing everything all by myself at the same time is kind of burning me out. But I hope I'll gain the strength to get back up again next week.

How are you guys today? I hope you're all well and in a good energy! Share me some of your tips to get your shit together, so I could lift myself back up this time :( Thank you for reading this short blog and I'll see you tomorrow <3




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