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Day 1 : Starting a Journal, Becoming More Tidy & Organize, Surprise Visit From Friends at Work, Back Pain, Strain Eyes, Annoying Bump on Forehead

Hey guys!
In July I have decided to start journaling, I wanted to see how I'm progressing throughout the rest of this year.  I did three days of journaling in my dusty notebook that I've used for dumping whatever that's on my mind; notes, ideas, plans, to-do list, etc. and it didn't take me long enough to realize how bad my handwriting is, hahaha. And so I thought, why not putting it on the blog and save it from becoming obsolete?

What I want to share in my 31 Day Journal is what I've been doing the whole day; my wins and my losses, what I found, what I learned. Just like a diary, but more..... *lol I swear I had the word in my head but I don't know what it is at the moment, update you later* You probably get what I meant, I'm just in a space where I'm super motivated to get things done, to achieve more, and I want to take you guys on this very excited journey of mine. But yeah, if this interest you, please do stay! :)

August 1st, 2020
Feels good to be back in front of this laptop and write again on this platform 😊 I had trouble sleeping last night, and this has been a re-occurring event for the past month. At first I didn't know what it was but now I came to understand that when I want to get things done, I'll think about it so much. But, you know, our body is limited, our time is limited, so sleep is needed, but in this case, sleep is in my way, hahaha. *unhealthy thinking* So, what was I thinking last night? 

My 'obsession' with productivity has taken its toll on my back and my eyes. Since I'm spending hours in front of the laptop, I found that I have developed such bad sitting posture. My laptop and my eyes are not aligned, therefore, I'm hunching my back the entire time. So I was thinking to buy a laptop stand and I was scrolling through my phone until probably 2 AM for this.

I found these two on Catch.com and I wanted it since it matches my workspace theme. I think the price was $30, quite affordable, but the shipping could make it not so affordable anymore. So I was trying to find something similar, possibly cheaper on Amazon/Ebay that can offer me free shipping too! At the end, I couldn't find the 'perfect' match for me, and my eyes were burnt too, so I decided to finally sleep.

I woke up this morning quite later than I wanted, you know why, hahaha.. I think I wanted to wake up at 6:30, instead I woke up at 7:30, and when I got to my desk, this was the view :
a bit speechless, lol

But I honestly don't really want to tidy up this space yet. Because whenever I think about tidying them, it leads me to a whole another dimension of tasks that's probably never-ending, honestly. So I think it's better for me to tackle my work first, and deal with this later, or so I thought? Hahaha..

Looking at the desk, and the time, makes me don't want to go there at all. So then I looked the other way, and saw this :

Very cozy, right? lol! Well at least with my limited time, this one I could do. So it has been decided that this morning I'm going to tidy up some space before getting ready to work. 

I've folded the clean clothes, I put the dirty clothes into the laundry, cleaned the toilet and I prepared the trashes ready to be dumped. Billy would be finishing these tasks for us (hang the laundry & take the trashes out), because I needed to go to work soon, but hey, team work makes the dream work! :) It feels really good to do these little tasks before going to work, because I have this little sense of achievement already. So just in case everything else fails today, I could still have this as a win :) Now let's go to work!

look of the day

I'm working a 5 hour shift at the cafe today. It was pretty good. One of my co-worker today pointed out something that I thought was unnoticed. She said that I was going to get the employee of the month title because I was doing the actual work meanwhile they're chatting away, talking to the customers, stand in the sun, etc. I could tell that she was probably joking at the same time she kinda meant it too, lol. But it is true, and I'm not even mad at it. It's what they're good at and this is what I'm good at. 

I'm so bad at making the actual connection with the customers, but I can at least make sure their coffee tastes good. I don't really do small talks, nor gossipping. I don't mind chatting with anyone and exchanging stories about what's been going on in our lives recently, but if I can do something else that'll boost my work and help me get through the day faster, I'd rather be doing that.

I'm kind of envy the talks, to be honest. I'm struggling at it still. It's nice to be able to just say something and the customers would be engaged to you. They'll definitely remember the ones who talks to them rather than the ones who's behind the coffee machine all the time. But I don't know, I like being myself too. The smiley but silent one who enjoys casual one or two small talks but with the ones who she genuinely cares. I'll still be working on my social skill though. :)

our talented customer, Mikko comes to submit another creation

On my lunch time, I'm having a Poke Bowl, and tried to cram up some reading. I was thinking to have a speedy 15 minutes break, so I could done some pre-closing early. But I got a surprise visit from two of my favorite person! I quickly devour this and skipping my reading.

a rare visit that's worth calling Billy down from his nest, and SELFIES!

This period of isolation has definitely makes us realise who and what matters in our lives. But I'm glad that this is probably a slap in everyone's face, not only mine. So when things are going back to normal again, I hope no one is taking anything for granted anymore :)

After work my body just refused to do anything, it's quite cold inside the apartment, though it's a very nice weather outside (Sunny 16 degrees), which is also pretty rare for Melbourne's winter. I crashed on the couch for a good three hour nap, and then Billy came over to move the heater closer to me, gave me some pep talk so I could wake and be productive again.

I dragged my throw blanket with me and started working on my desk, editing the 24minutes QnA Video. I honestly don't know when I'm going to finish with it. I wish I could clone another me so both of us could edit together. 

my work space situation

Now that I saw the blue water cup there, I wanted to also share that I drank almost 2 litres of water today! Uyay! This was a dream come true! I drank so little every day, I'm actually concerned. I used to think that drinking 2 litre/8 glasses a day was an impossible task, and also ewwhhh. But now I can prove to myself that this is doable! I'll try to keep doing this :) 

By the way, editing is super hard. What I was trying to do is to make the 24 minutes video of me talking, engaging. Putting a calm back ground music, insert some photo reference, texts, zooming to my face a little bit when I want to point out some important sentence, etc. I think I spent hours only to finish the introduction part. 

I was losing track of time while editing, until Billy came up to me and asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner, and it was probably already 7PM. We were exchanging short stories about our work, and then I mentioned to him about how my back was hurting and my eyes were burnt. I said that I wanted to get a laptop stand so my eyes could level with the laptop screen, and then he said, "Can't you make the chair lower?" LOL

Yeap, turns out I can make the chair lower, WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT! haha.. Now my eyes are levelling with the screen, I don't have to hunch anymore, nor spending money for an unnecessary item. Also, I found that, adjusting the position of my desk lamp helps with the burning issues on my eyes. I think I positioned it quite close to the desk, it might've been too bright for my eyes. So yeah, both of my problems are solved. But since I just found out,  I still have to deal with the burn for the rest of the night. 

we ordered some Indonesian food for dinner

watching Dark Season 2 (this is good!)

After dinner I felt this huge pain in my head. I was supposed to continue editing the video, writing this journal, planning for tomorrow, and also reading This Is Marketing book. But I had to skip all that, drank a painkiller and slept through the whole night. I didn't know what happened there, what caused the pain in my head. Should I be concerned? Billy helped me rest by massaging my head so I could feel better, which I was. 

But yeah, I have this tiny bump on my forehead (the size and the texture of toy bullet) from a motorcycle accident in 2006. I hit my head pretty hard, big swelling on the forehead, had a small concussion. When the swelling on the forehead gone, it left me with a tiny bump. I had a minor surgery to remove it back in 2012, the surgeon said it's a fat that became harden overtime. But it didn't take too long for the bump to come back.

It didn't hurt when I touch it, it's just unusual that you have this bump. Anyways, if any of you knew anything about this? Would you care enough to give me any advice on the comment? :)

That's all I can think of for today's journal, I thought it would take me 30 minutes to write this, turns out it took me almost four hours :( But I guess if that's what it takes to get me into my writing, I'll just have to manage my time for it. Hopefully you guys found it helpful or entertaining :) Let me know!

promised myself to finish by 11AM, and yes I did!

Thanks for reading, guys! I'll see you tomorrow! <3


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