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Day 2 : Extra productive Sunday, Productivity Booster List, Melbourne Stage 4 is Coming, BBQ at Home

August 2nd 2020

After a really bad headache last night, I thank God I woke up to a beautiful morning today, and the headache is gone! 😊 I remember waking up in the middle of the night and saw that the bedroom glass wall was fully exposed, someone clearly forgot to pull down the curtain 😅 But the night city view was absolutely beautiful and the moon was very bright. Too bad I didn't take any picture, because I went back to sleep probably 20 second after I opened my eyes, haha.. But here's the morning view from my bed :)

look at that colour gradation 😍

I honestly woke up this morning in a slight panic mode, since I knew I had skipped some of my yesterday's to-do list, so today is going to be quite manic for me. I quickly jumped into my desk and think of what do I need to do today, I haven't done any planning for today either!

😅 (Wow, I just realize how I'm relying on my planner so much ever since I started doing it three days ago) 😅

My first thought was to do journalling on the blog, which was super exciting, you have no idea! I haven't written anything on the blog since a long time ago. Though I didn't think that writing this journal on the blog was a good idea either, but I guess knowing that my handwriting is almost as bad as doctors, why even bother wasting paper, if I could just typed it away on the blog? It's easy, it's stored on the cloud and I could share my progress with you guys too! 😉

I thought it would take only half an hour or an hour max, but guess what? It took me a freakin' half day to write a one day journal! I finished writing and arranging the photos at 11AM, then I still had to proof-reading it first before posting, not to mention I have to create a thumbnail as well. I finished everything at 12 PM, but this was actually fun and fulfilling to me, so I don't really mind. I'm taking my time writing the journal while listening to this lo-fi playlist on Spotify by the way :

It's a good playlist, very soothing! It would be even better if I could afford Spotify Premium though 😂

And on the left side of my desk, I put a digital clock on my phone through Flip Clock App so I can keep track of the time. I honestly could type for hours more if I didn't have this time reminder. I definitely need to come up with a plan so that I can reduce the journalling time, I honestly couldn't afford to spend too much time on it, hahah..

One thing that I had on my mind was to use the Blogger App on my phone too. That way, I could partially journal during the day, so at night I could just do some minor adjustment, arranging photos and be done with it. But when I opened the App Store, it says that I had to buy the app, it's not free anymore 😕  I don't want to spend money on thisssss!!

Omg I also just realize how careful I am with spending my money. I honestly can't really afford much things these days ey?
I'll definitely getting this if it's actually helping me with my productivity #investment

Oh, I want to share with you my 'breakfast' this morning. I had it while I'm writing my journal, and it's really good! It's Kuu-ru Cookies! So Kuu-ru Cookies is a new brand that my dear friend created in Sydney. She's a former chef and now she's making this yummy bite size cookies for sale. I want to support her new small business, but the cookies are genuinely really good too! I really enjoyed eating them as it is (dry), but it's definitely even better when you have it with milk, like a cereal! I personally love the Coffee Flavour and I had it with oatmilk, sooo good!

I didn't get paid for this, nor even endorsed! I bought three packages for myself :) and I'm actually sad that I'm already down to my last pack :( Anyways, if you guys into cookies, definitely give this Kuu-ru cookies a try :) Let me know if you had them already and how was it for you, ok! 💕

After finishing the journal, I quickly uploaded it, and spread the words to my social media. I resurrected my Twitter account and posted a tweet as well, hahah.. I feel super old. Yet, it felt so good when I'm productive like this, even though I don't know if anyone would read my journal, nor watch my videos even. I still feel like my life has purpose again 😊 I'll keep doing it no matter how little my audience is, I just want to keep creating content!

One big task has been crossed off the list, next I'm going to continue my productivity by tidying up! I started with tidying up myself (shower, wash my hair), dang I almost forgot how satisfying a good shower could make me feel. After shower, I put some skin care on, because, self love! Then I tidy up my bed, folded my clean clothes, and I'm ready to start my day! 
It was already 1 PM by the way, lolll..

At 1 PM I went back to the desk and started editing the 24 minutes QnA video again. I'm quite anxious at this point, because looking at the duration of the video, this will be a huge video file. I'm talking about probably almost 5GB here. I'm just afraid that if (touch wood) something went wrong with the editing app, or the SSD, I'll be so frustrated, lol.

Around 2PM ish, Billy and I went to our weekly grocery shopping. Yeay, another task is done. Plus we got our daily dose of the sun, and the walk. I feel even more relieved. Billy and I haven't been going out for a proper date in a long time now, the only going out that we did together was the essential, like grocery run. And he's also not the romantic type, so sometimes being at home all the time stresses me out and makes me sad. But since I'm filling my life with productivity recently, I didn't even think about it anymore, which is probably a good thing?

the sun is out, and it's quite warm, very nice weather!

When we're back from grocery shopping, we watched the news about Melbourne going into Stage 4 restrictions starting from next week. Coronavirus cases in Melbourne/Victoria has been increasingly bad in the past month, it's even much worse than the first wave. I can't believe that it's Melbourne who had to experience stage 4 restrictions, I really thought Melbournians are the smart ones, the goodie good one.

The news said that in stage 4 restrictions, more businesses are going to be closed, we'll have an 8PM curvew, you're only allowed to go out once a day and you can't go out more than two person at a time. Only one person in every household can do grocery shopping, and if you want to go out for exercise, you can do it in one hour time frame, plus wherever you go, it has to be within 5km from your home. This will last for 6 weeks too.

I have a mixed feelings about this. They haven't officially announced the terms for businesses yet, but if cafes are not allowed to be open, I'm pretty much screwed. No income for six weeks is definitely going to be hard. On the other hand, I'd honestly support and do whatever it takes to flatten the bloody curve in Melbourne. Just stay the fk home, and let us be done with this for all human sake!

All I can hope for is whatever's best for Victoria and Melbourne. If I had to lose my job for greater purpose, fine, I'll suffer, whatever. My working hours has been greatly reduced anyway right now. I'd probably just going to be focus on tidying up my life and make more content on YouTube, I'm happier that way anyway :)

I spent the rest of my day today just editing - doing BBQ for dinner - spending time with Billy - watching Dark & Suits on Netflix - editing again - writing drafts for journal - planning what to do tomorrow and finally sleep around 12:30 AM. I still haven't finished the editing, because Final Cut Pro suddenly crashed (see? my greatest fear came true), but I handled it with class. I think I'm already in a head space where whatever happens happens, I can only do what I can do best :)

I promise I'll finish the editing on monday :) Mark my word, everyone! (or no one, idk if anyone even reading this, lol) But yeah, I guess that's all I can update you in today's journal. Feel free to comment and share a snippets of your day, and we can chat there :) I'll see you guys tomorrow! <3

Beautiful view of Melbourne night time (bonus)


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