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Day 3 : Making Cafe Vlog, Little Boy Giving Me Flower at Work, Cooking Chicken Soup From Scratch

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

I went to sleep quite late last night, so waking up this morning was quite hard, but I managed! My goal every day is to accomplish at least one thing that makes me feels good, that would make my future self thank me for. And today is no different 😉 I woke up, I drank a glass of water, I watered my plant, and I got ready for work. 

Wearing all blue, 'coz I'm feeling blue?

Since the Stage 4 restriction is now active in Melbourne, I knew that the cafe wouldn't be busy at all. So I thought why don't I just make a content out of it? Make it more productive for me! 😆 I set up my camera in a position where it could see the whole coffee bar clearly, and I just started recording in bits and pieces for as long as it could. I think I got a one hour long video out of it, I wish I could record more. But my phone has reached its max on its memory, oh well..

Expect a cafe vlog : face mask edition soon

I had a couple of highlights today at work :
1. I made conversations with customers!
It's not actually that many, probably not even five, lol. But it's a legit conversation, and I'm still so proud of myself for it. One of them were even asking my name, so it's a big win! Woohoo! 😆 I promised myself to do this more often and to be able to remember and call them by the name when they came back again. 😊

2. I got a flower!
And this is the second time I got it 😚 hahaha.. So there was this boy who happened to walk pass the cafe with his granddad last week. The first time he came, we walked straight in towards me, and handed me this flower without saying anything

I knew it must've been his granddad who told him to gave the flower to me. This boy's face was actually quite a grumpy one, LOL. But kudos to his granddad who planted this chivalry act to this boy since he was a kid. I hope he grew up as nice as his granddad taught him to, who treat women right and with respect. 💕

Today he came in again, and gave me different flower. I asked him his name, and I think he said 'Oster' or 'Oscar', the latter would make better sense, but I'll ask him again next time. What a cutie! 

Meanwhile the downplay of today's work would be the stage 4 restrictions that's coming into play for our business. We're still able to open the cafe for takeaway only, but knowing that more and more people are forced to stay home still going to hit the business pretty badly. It's just going to get quieter and quieter in the next 6 weeks.

Not to mention that my birthday is coming in 12 days :(

After work, I went straight home and started cooking right away. I wanted to cook chicken soup for dinner, and I attempted to make the chicken stock from scratch. It was quite a dedication because I needed to simmer the stock for at least 4 hours. But I only had time to simmer it for a couple of hours only, and it didn't really matter 'cause *spoiler alert* the chicken soup still tasted very yummy!

I made chicken soup, crispy chicken skin, pan fry mushroom with liquid and re-heated leftover fried rice. It was quite a big fulfilling meal and I cooked it all by myself. It gets overwhelming at times, but when Billy's doing overtime, I just had to do it solo. After dinner, I went straight to the laptop and started writing my journal on the blog. I then posted it, planned for tomorrow, spent time with Billy, and went to sleep.

I'm going to be having a three days off starting tomorrow, and I'm planning to throw a massive production work. I don't want them to go to waste, so that would be interesting! I hope your days are great too, you can share in the comment if you like, and I'll see you again tomorrow <3





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