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Day 4 : Three Days Off Starts Now, Discovering Ryan Little, Writing on my Big Goals Book, Lost a Blog Post, 'Hating' on Billy

Tuesday, 4th August 2020


Ahh.. Three day-off in a row has just begun, well, isn't that nice? I know I'm going to enjoy every single second of it! Since this is the first day, I felt like slacking a little bit, and just like that, my day has been wasted 😕 Now I wish that every day has 50 hours in it, I seriously feels like I'm running out of time,  all the time. I need a manager!

I tried to start my day differently today, I started it with reading a book (Wow, I know!). I've been trying to read This is Marketing by Seth Rogen diligently in the past week. Reading is definitely one of my weakest point, I got distracted very easily and too often. I can't keep my mind at one thing at a time, and I had so many things on my mind especially in this recent week.

Nonetheless, I would say this is a really good book to read so far. It didn't take too long for it to actually captured my attention. Reading a chapter of this is book has reminded me again that marketing is all about helping other people, and serving them what they need. That makes me re-evaluating about 'What can I serve you guys from this daily journal of mine?' To be completely honest, from the start, I wanted to do this journalling for myself, because I want to keep getting better every day. And by journalling, it will not only get me back into my writing habit, but I can also look back to see my progress in the last months of this year. 


I've been honestly exhausted from juggling between editing videos and writing this journal. Because writing this journal takes as much time as I'm editing a video. But again, I have made my choice, and I have to stick with it. I don't want to quit, not just yet. If any of you reading this, will you let me know and cheer me up, so I can keep on writing? hehe... 🙏


Anyways, after reading a chapter of the book, I made my bed, drank water, and started writing yesterday's journal on the blog. This time, I listened to Ryan Little on Spotify. I first found him on a website called Thematic when I was looking for an aesthetic lo-fi chill back ground music for my YouTube video. I found him on recommendation, and his music is really dope! I even followed him on Spotify and Instagram. You guys should check him out!


Whilst I'm writing, I ate another bowl of Kuuru Cookie with Oat Milk. This time I added frozen banana to the bowl. Why did anyone never told me that frozen banana is actually tastes even better than a fresh banana? This could be my new healthy snack! By the way I’m already down to my last pack of the cookie and I’m sad :’( I want another three-pack! Should I try making it instead? Hahaha..


In the mid day, I still haven’t finished the blog post, and one of the cause is I was also doing a little bit of catching up with my friend over the text messenger, and maybe since we haven’t been talking for quite awhile, the text were getting longer and longer. I lost track of what I was doing. I felt bad a little, but again, I felt like I had so much time on my hand so I was taking it easy.


By the way, on lunch time, me and Billy were watching this interesting YouTube video, and I thought you guys should check it out too! It’s about an experience of a guy who dined in at the restaurant which owned by Massimo Bottura (the number 1 chef in the world!)



After watching it, I really wished I could dine in there one day too. And when I told Billy about it, you know what he said? “No need to go there anymore, from watching this video, you know what it’s like already, right?” lol. This guy, seriously…


Back to writing again, I felt a bit stressed because it’s already past mid day and I still haven’t finished it. But I finally managed to finish by 2:15 and I left the blog post on draft, together with another two blog posts that I also opened on the web. I’m planning to post the journal tonight so I left it there and I moved on with my day.


I promised you guys that I’m going to finish editing the 24 minutes QnA video, and that’s exactly what I did. After finishing the journal, I went straight back to video editing, and I FINNALY FINISHED IT! But it didn’t stop there, I proof-watch it, I put time stamps on every questions, and I linked everything that I have mentioned in the video too!


I felt so good about the day, I finished two things that I felt like I needed to do the most. I think it’s around 5PM when I started uploading the video to the internet, but I didn’t post it, I just want to store it in the cloud for my peace of mind. Meanwhile, I was also watching some more videos about productivity.


I thought about what I could do to make my day even more productive? I then looked at these two notebooks that I bought the other day, and now I know what I’m going to do with them, The big one, I’m going to use it for storing my yearly resolutions and goals, ideas dump, also my weekly goals, so I can track back to see what I’ve done and what I needed to accomplish still. While the small one, I’m going to use it as my daily planner and to do list.


So I started writing my yearly resolutions and goals on the big book, and I thought I just wanted to proof-read my blog post, since I didn’t remember I had before. And when I checked, the blog post was gone, it just left me the first paragraph. If you can feel the pain that I felt at that moment, I think you would cry.


I spent literally the last 6 hours just to write the journal, and I felt so proud of it. Now you tell me it’s gone? I was so pissed-disappointed-confused at the same time. I really didn’t think that this could happen, like, HOW?? I knew that Blogger has the auto-save every time I typed anything new. The other two blog posts that I opened together with this one were completely fine and didn’t lose any single alphabet. But why?? I just can not comprehend!


Anyways, I’ve done enough complaining yesterday, and I knew it won’t help me getting the blog post back. So the only thing that I could do is just suck it up, and re-write it all over again. But my eyes, my back, and my brain capacity was almost overloaded at that point.


In a state of Disaster

I tried to calm myself down during cooking dinner, I think the carrot cake that I ate after dinner also helps with restoring my sanity. So, yeap. I re-write the journal. But not as good as the first one in which I spent 6 hours for. I sacrificed my sleeping time for it, and before going to bed, Billy mocked me for writing this journal in the first place. But what he didn’t knew that, this is actually important for me, and I want to do it. I kinda ignored him at that point because I was a bit disappointed, and I didn’t want to let the disappointment ruining my writing. I was actually praising him on my journal before, but on the re-write version, I didn’t even bother, lol. 


I didn’t hate him, I love him still, always. It’s just the stress. But honestly, writing releases my stress. It feels like a therapy to me. This is what I’m good at. I’m really good at pouring my heart out on my writing. I couldn’t speak up my mind, I couldn’t express my feelings verbally, but if you asked me to type it, you can dig me the deepest.


Anywaysss… Why this blog post seems very intimate and personal, it shouldn’t be. I don’t want to change a thing though. Right now, it’s 1:13 AM, another day of sacrificing my sleep, but at least I did what I promised myself to do, and I guess I’m going to sleep like a baby after this.


I’m sleepy as! Hope your day is amazing and productive, loves! I’ll see you tomorrow <3 








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