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Day 5 : Beirut Explosion, Reviving Green Onions, Grocery Shopping in Stage 4, Package from Mona, Making Media Kit, Upload a New Video!

Wednesday, 5th August 2020
This morning I woke up with a heavy hearted. I read the news and I found that there was a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. I also watched the home videos that captured the explosion so closely, and it was terrifying! I couldn't even picture myself if I was in that situation or if that happened to my hometown, I would be so devastated! I wished my deepest condolences for all the lost souls, healing for the ones injured and may God protect Lebanon and its people.
I have this bad habit that I always checked my phone first thing in the morning. Mostly YouTube Creator Studio and also the news. I used to also checked my Instagram but I felt like recently I can finally detach myself from the app. I think one of the things that led me to this 'levelling up' journey is because of my unhealthy relationship to the social media. Especially in this quarantine life, I've been glued to my phone 24/7, and in the end, all I got was just frustration. 

That was why a couple of weeks ago I deleted my Instagram & Facebook App. I actually also deleted the YouTube Creator app, but soon I realized I needed it for work, so I re-installed it. It took me a good 4 days until I finally decided to re-installed Instagram, because I honestly do want to share what I've been through on the platform. But I re-installed it on one condition, I won't be in the app for more than 5 minutes. The minute I felt like I'm scrolling through the app, I have to get out of there.

And to this date, I still haven't re-installed Facebook app 💓

That's why in the past week I can focus on myself to be extra productive, because I've lost touch with these social media app. And this really helped me to finally found a purpose in life again. Although I'm feeling super overwhelmed with all of the goals that I've set, been having lack of sleep, as well as back pain, strain eyes and more stress. But at least I know that the stress and the pain is going to be worth it. I know that my future self will thank me so much for what I've done in this period in life. 

I hope this won't get boring to you but as per usual, whenever I'm on my day off, I would make bed first thing in the morning. This is one of my daily habit that I set so I can reach my goal to be a tidier and more organised self. I also cleaned my kitchen, I put the dishes away, I tidied up my fridge a little bit, and organise the fresh produce. I put the green leaves out of the plastic bag and put it in a container, I did the same for the carrot, but I also peeled and cut them before I put them in a container. 
I looked at the green onion, they were so dry and sad! I tried to revive them by trimming the sad parts off, and put them in bottle vase with fresh water. I then also change the water for the basil plant and I water the baby snake plant that Billy gave me a year ago. I felt like a superhero today, hahaha..

After taking care of the plants and the house. I went to the bathroom and washed the dirty clothes. And while I was there, why not wash myself too? Hahaha.. I took a good shower, washed my hair, and felt super rejuvenated! Like, really!

I looked at my daily planner and it said that I should go grocery shopping today. But I needed to wait until my clothes finished washing, so in the mean time, I thought I should write a shopping list. It's actually very satisfying when you can go shopping knowing what to buy, that way, you just showed yourself that you're appreciating your time.

What I like to do is I would go to Woolworths & Coles website and go through their catalogue. I knew what I wanted to buy, so I just went to their website to compare the prices. And if you asked me what's my most favorite part about going through their website is : To check what's 1/2 price this week! If you didn't know, Woolworths and Coles always come out with a new catalogue every wednesday, and that catalogue would last for a week. And every week, there would be a bunch (yes, a bunch!) of items that would go 1/2 price. So next time you're going shopping, do yourself a favor, and check their catalogue beforehand. You're welcome! :)

After I finished with my shopping list, it's also the exact same time when the clothes are finished in the washing machine. I felt winning by a lot, haha.. So I put the clothes in the hanger, and then I went to go grocery shopping. 

Since we're now into the Stage 4 Restrictions, I decided to go shopping in the city. I usually would go to the ones that are closer to home for my grocery, but I intentionally go to the city this time, because I know the city would be so empty and I am low key very enjoying this rare view. The city felt very peaceful this time, and I finally can see how beautiful the city of Melbourne is. 

I went to the city also because I was planning to see my friend, Megga who lives in the city too, but turns out she was working. So, sadly I couldn't see her. I've been wanting to give her, her birthday gift. But since we went to stage 3 (now even 4), we couldn't see each other until now. Her birthday was in June by the way, and now it's August, actually it's my turn to celebrate my birthday, hahaha.. 

But anyways, I did my grocery shopping pretty quick, and I went back home at 12:30PM. I quickly put all of the perishable and the frozen item to the fridge & freezer, and I went back out again to Gordon, my work place, to received a package, also to get coffee. Yay!
What package is it? This is a hampers box that my best friend sent to me. She's in Indonesia and she recently got engaged. In our chinese culture, usually when you throw an engagement party, you would send your closest one a red box that contain 8 things. Each thing represent something (I honestly have no idea what's that all about), but yeah I told her to not send me anything but she insisted. So she ordered it from Indonesia through a company that's based in Melbourne and finally the package arrived!
They are so nicely packed by the way, and everything inside seems like a premium stuffs. I can't wait to devour this, and I also planned to send her something back. I want to send them a champagne, but her fiance recently fell sick and currently is in the hospital, so I'm going to postpone sending the champagne until he's recovering :) Hope he's getting out of the hospital soon. 

On lunch time, I cooked this ‘Broke Boyz Noodle Fried Rice’ by Chef Chris Co, he’s a Korean Chef that I found on TikTok. I love how he made cooking looks very simple and easy, and his ‘ghetto’ energy is kinda contagious, hahaha.. You guys should check him out! I’m using Indomie for this recipe, and the end results doesn’t taste like Indomie at all, but it’s still good. Definitely going to make another one when I have left over rice in the fridge.

The rest of the afternoon, I’m using it for trying to make a Media Kit. It’s a two to three pages document where you summarize who you are, what you do online, your vision, your platform’s statistics and your price for a brand deal project. I got some companies asking for it, crazy right? I’m honestly not even ready for it yet, but it's happening and I got to do what I got to do. I’m using a template from Canva.com to make it because I honestly don’t have that much time on my hand. I guess my Media Kit will have to look the same with 3.354 other influencers for now. But I’ll definitely gonna fix it some time this month.

Around 5 PM, I finally finished with the Media Kit, but I didn’t put any pricing to it, because that’s another whole world that I have to do some research for. I’m quite overwhelmed, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to earn extra money so I could survive this pandemic, I hope I get the deal 😊 After finishing that, I quickly jumped into Creator Studio to edit the english subtitles for my 'Barista Journey' video and also for the upcoming QnA video. 
I didn’t leave my desk until 8PM, my tummy is screaming for food and my eyes is burnt as fagg, it hurts and watery. But I finished it 😆 I set the premiere time on the video to go live and I go on to my next task : cooking! I went to the kitchen and joined Billy to cook dinner together. Surprisingly, Billy finished earlier than me, because usually it’s the other way around, haha.. He helped me with cooking the rice today, and I cooked sardines in tomato sauce, it’s a quick easy meal, but very tasty 💕

We ate dinner pretty late today, I think we finished dinner at almost 10PM. I set the time for my video to be premiering at 10PM as well, so I took my laptop and sat on the couch to watch the video with my subscribers. When I looked at the screen, I think my eyes were just couldn't handle it anymore. It's getting super sore and watery. I couldn't really interact with my subscribers at the premiere, but I'm glad there were 30 people watching with me.
After uploading the video, and watching the premiere, it felt like a lot of weight coming off my shoulder. This video has been setting me back from doing a lot of things that I needed to do, because the editing took so much of my time. But it's a present to my 10k subscribers and I'm glad I could finally delivered :) I  stayed on the couch with Billy watching Dark & Suits on Netflix to wind down. And when it's time to sleep, I forgot that I needed to still write the journal, LOL.

Again, Billy was all against me writing the journal, but I said to him, I have to do it, I want to do it and I'm going to do it. So yeah, he went to sleep and I wrote the journal until 1:30AM. But I ended up sleeping around 2 AM, because every time after writing the journal, I'd write a plan for the next day, and after writing it, my brain is working again to think about tomorrow. It's just an endless cycle.

But yeah, that's everything that I can share to you today :) I hope you can learn something from it, or at least it gets you entertained. Let me know how's your day going in the comment if you want, if not, then I'll see you tomorrow! :)


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