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Day 6 : Productive Day, Sending Away Media Kit & Price list, Cooking Chicken Teriyaki, Discovering Stephanie Dish

Thursday, August 6th 2020
Despite of sleeping at 2AM last night, I woke up pretty early today, around 7:30 AM. Maybe because I knew that this is the last day of my three-day off, so I felt like I needed to get up early and make the most of my day (with working, loll). Now I think about it again, this is a very wrong way of thinking; I should've planned my day better. Not only that, I should've planned my week, my month, my season and  my year better. 

But trying to catch up on your whole year goals when you only have four months left, is definitely not the life you want to live in. I've been dealing with sleep deprived, stress, back pain, strain eyes, migraine and all of the down sides of cramping too many things at once. Not good, don't copy me. But again, I believe we're getting closer each day, so, hang in there! :)

This morning I decided to start my day with washing my face, and put on a little bit of skin care. Because, Self Love! I didn't open my phone this morning, which is good. But instead, I made my bed, read a chapter of the 'This Is Marketing' book, and I also drank a glass of water. Well well well.. A good girl is on the rise.

Today I'm planning to send my Media Kit to the companies who's asked for it. But since I'm just quite a perfectionist like that, I edited it again a little bit here and there, change the wording, make it look nicer. I knew it's going to be a long journey in progress to be able to finish it completely; I still have to put my price list, also my other socials analytics, but I just have to settle for now and send it through. Another thing that I need to learn is the contract, Oh My God. I don't even want to start.

After I sent the Media Kit away, I came back to writing on my resolutions & goals book. I tried to break down my yearly goals but honestly it's very challenging since we only have one season left. I have to be very smart about it, and not latching too much to it too. This is hard, learning to let go and lose, it's hard. While I was writing the book, Billy came at me and said to me that he's proud of me & the changes I've been working on my life recently, that puts a big smile on my face. I don't care if no one else cares about this journey when he does.

I felt I'm changing a bit and a lot at the same time, it's weird. I used to watch a lot of YouTube and enjoying it, I could watch and scroll social media for hours. But now, I felt like it's a waste of time, lol. Even when my favourite YouTuber uploaded a new video, I didn't even want to watch, I just wanted to go back to my laptop and work on something that I knew would benefited my future.

But I still watch YouTube when I'm stuck with work. When I'm tired, it's still good to distract yourself with something entertaining. That's when I found Stephanie Dish. Somehow her video got recommended to me, and I got quite curious. Turns out she's an Indonesian content creator who lives in Melbourne, she's making a vlog type of content in Bahasa Indonesia, and she has a very good energy. I stalked her for a little bit and it didn't take long for me to followed her on Instagram and on YouTube. 
I honestly wanted to connect with her, I think it would be great to find a content creators in here and start a community, so we could grow together. So then I slide into her DM (lol), and I told her how much I admire her, and asked if she wanted to connect with me after the restrictions is lifted. It's been a couple of days and she hasn't respond at all (HAHAHA) but I'll wait. And if she didn't respond at all, that's ok too, maybe my DM is buried by 1000 other DMs in her inbox, or else, I still have to respect her decision.

Around 5 PM I started to write yesterday's journal. I'm telling you, this is getting harder and harder. I tried to come up with a trick so that I could manage to write it sooner, but omg. you have to read 'till the end to know the disaster that's coming, hahaha.. So, I was just thinking to divide the writing into 3 : First one is in the afternoon (lunch), second one is before dinner and the third one is before bed. Let's see in the next few days, how this will go.

Around 6:15 PM I started cooking, I'm cooking chicken teriyaki today! I have to debone 4 pieces of the drumsticks, remove all the veins, cook the rice, and started cooking. I think I finished everything around 7:30 PM with doing the dishes as well. It's quite tiring doing it all by myself, aiyaaaa... :( But after dinner I ate carrot cake, so that makes me happy a little bit :)
We spent the night watching Netflix and I was too tired from the accumulation of my lack of sleep, too much thinking and all the house chores today, I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, it's already time for bed, and I still haven't finished the journal. I couldn't even bother to write it, I want to go to sleep some more, plus I had to work in the morning tomorrow, so I went straight to bed, hahaha.. 

I knew it's a perfect recipe for a disaster. But anyways, keep reading to see what's next! See you tomorrow, loves!


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