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Day 7 : Not a Good Day, Piling Tasks, Heavy Headache, Skipping Dinner

Friday, August 7th 2020

I woke up pretty late today, I usually wake up an hour before going to work, but this morning I woke up probably 20 minutes before going to work. I looked at the weather app, it says that it's currently 3 degrees, that's probably why I couldn't wake up, it's too damn cold! I wasn't even rushing while getting ready, resulting of going to work without moisturiser, sunscreen nor make up, oh dear. Not a good start for my morning.

There's not much happening in the cafe today. I saw Nick (my boss) for the first time after he went for his 'baby moon' for almost 2 weeks. I told him about one of the YouTube sponsorship that's coming my way, and I asked his permission to do the review in the cafe. Good news is, he allowed me to do it in the cafe, so fingers crossed I'll get the deal. But the company hasn't reply my email for a couple of days now, I won't get my hopes too high up, we'll wait and see then.

Oh, we got new stuffs in the cafe! New strainer, and a thermometer! We've been using the old broken strainer for weeks now, and it's killing us, lol. And I've been asking for a thermometer for months too. They thought I asked for it so I could measure the milk temperature, but no, I wanted to use it for etching! Hahaha.. I can't do it now, because it's only takeaways, but once we got back into dining in, I'll etch on those hot chocolate for sure!

Since I didn't write my journal last night, I tried to write it on lunch time while eating my Chili Ham & Cheese Croissant. All the chefs in Gordon knew how much I love spicy foods, now every time I order something for lunch, they would throw a fresh chopped chili in there. How cute and thoughtful of them ey? 💖 Hahah.. 

Anyways, I opened the blogger website from my phone and continued my journal from there. I was a little bit anxious since I've lost my blog post on draft before. So after I wrote it, I saved it and I copied the entire blog post to the Notes app just to make sure that I have a back up. Turns out it works out just fine, and I didn't have to use the back up. So.. Maybe I don't need to even purchase the Blogger App as well then? Hmm..

Since it's not busy at all in the cafe, Nick sent me home at 3:15, an hour early from what I usually finished. I didn't feel as bad to be sent home early nowadays, because I know when I got home, I could do my own stuffs. So when I got home, I went straight to my laptop and finishing my journal for day 5th and posted it on the blog. I also started to write Day 6th that I had to upload tonight, but I started to feel a light migraine. God, this doesn't feel good at all.

I told Billy about it and he said that it might be related to the bump on my forehead. I should get it checked. When I asked him about dinner, he told me that he wanted to order in tonight, he didn't feel like cooking at all. I felt quite relieved when he said he'd order in, I felt the exact same way about cooking tonight. But I was kinda hungry already at that time so I made myself a sweet potato chips and I also drank half a tablet of my painkiller, because I sure don't want to deal with any pain tonight.

The burnt one is my favorite, it's crispy lol

Around 7 PM, I was hungry and called Billy from the living room. He was in his study room, and the door was closed, meaning that I couldn't come in. I called him several times, he didn't reply. It basically means that he had his headphone on, and he's in the noise cancelling mode. I could only wait. At 8 PM he still didn't come out from study room, and I felt quite light headed, so I just lay on the couch and watch something on the TV.

I think I fell asleep when he finally came out from his study room and told me he's going to order some food. But it's already quite late + we have to wait until the delivery guy came, so I chose not to eat at all that night and just slept on the couch for the evening. I've been breaching my intermittent fasting quite a numerous of times already and I didn't want to eat so late again, I'll just sleep it out.

At 11PM Billy woke me up so I could move myself to the bed, I felt quite fresh actually. I also remember that I haven't write anything for my day 6th journal which I felt super bad for. But if I chose to wake up and write the journal now, I'm pretty sure I would get a hard time to go back to sleep later, and a very big chance to starve as well. So my best option is just to go back to sleep, wake up early tomorrow and continue writing then.

I acknowledge that this is a very bad habit to piling up tasks like this, but I also feel like I needed the sleep. I've been lacking of them and I needed to fix that. But yeah, I'm also glad that there's not much happening today, because I don't need to write as much. I feel like I shouldn't share this much and this openly to the internet world, but again, no one actually read this, hahaha.. I mean, the traffic says only less than 50 people are clicking on the post.

And I might have clicked on the post 10 times just to check for its typo, hahaha..

But for the rest of 10-20 people that might be actually reading my journal. You know too much already, hahaha.. I'm actually sharing EVERYTHING that's happening in my daily life, so please be grateful because I'm only doing this for 31 days, hahaha.. I hope you're doing well and I hope my journal brings you good information, at least a thing or two to learn and joy. I'll see you tomorrow! <3







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