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Day 10 : Sending Champagne to My Best Friend, Cooking Army Stew, Editing & Thoughts on Birthday Gift

 Monday, 10th August 2020

woke up quite early this morning, intentionally. Mainly because I wanted to do a little bit of work on my laptop before going to work. I needed to check if my upcoming Cafe Vlog video still needs more footages, so I could take them today at work. I'm going to have another three day-off in a row again starting tomorrow, so today is my only chance to get some footages if I needed it.

When I checked the video, I'm actually already happy with the results. The length of the video is good, the BGMs are good, and the transition in each videos looks good too. It does lacking just a liiiittle bit of a footages, but it's definitely not major, I can left it out. Nonetheless, I'll still bring my tripod to work, just in case if I'm actually taking the footages for back up.

It's getting depressingly quiet at work today, I'm actually okay with the quietness, it's not like we can do anything about it. But Rowan (Manager) has been really frustrated, and the energy somehow transfers to me too. There's not much happening today, but I did take the video footages, I just wanted to see if it makes any difference if I include this minor footages in the video.

After work I went to the Asian Grocery nearby to get some stuffs for our dinner tonight. We're going to cook Army Stew! It's one of our favorite korean cheap meal that contains spam, frankfurt, instant ramen, some mushrooms and tofu. I bought the mushroom and the tofu from the asian grocery and I also bought a little bit of snacks for me to indulge on my day off, hohoho.. I can't wait.

While I was walking home, I remembered that I wanted to get my bestfriend and her fiance a champagne, I needed to sort this out. Her fiance just got out from the hospital yesterday, so I wanted to give them the champagne now. I texted one of my friend in Surabaya to help me finding a bottle shop and arrange the delivery as well. Everything went smooth and my girl received the champagne straight away, lol. I love how everything is very convenient (and of course, more affordable!) back in Indonesia. I miss it. I miss living a convenient life.

When I arrived at home, I went to my laptop and started editing. I put the new footages into the video and ended up keeping it, because why not? The length is now stretches to 11 minutes, but I honestly don't really mind at all. More length means more education and information for my subscribers too. I'm glad that I could finally finished the video, I just needed to put subtitles on it and find a good thumbnail for it.

My dinner tonight is our favorite Army Stew! And Billy is finishing work at 6PM today wooow! What a sweet surprise. And that means : We're cooking together tonight! I prepared all the ingredients, he's helping me cutting them, and while he's cutting, I'm cooking the rice and preparing the stew sauce too. After he finished cutting, I ensembled the ingredients  on the pan while he cleaned up the space, and then we cooked together. I definitely enjoyed this much more than doing everything by myself, it's definitely quicker and more efficient, I hope he's not doing overtime anytime soon.

We didn't do much after dinner, just the usual Netflix. But this time, he wanted me to watch 'The Shining' because there's a new movie on Netflix that's just coming out and apparently is the sequel for it. Funny how 'The Shining' was premiered on 1980 and the sequel came out on 2020. I first encounter 'The Shining' from the movie called 'Ready, Player One', they reference quite a portion of this movie in it. But yeah, it's very interesting to watch something that is made from 1980 in 2020. I'm not going to say anything more though, you should watch it if you haven't, hahah..

Billy has been coming at me every night probably in the past week, and asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday. [It's coming in 6 days by the way] He actually already gave me a birthday present, but it was in June, LOL. When he gave it to me, I was quite disappointed to be honest. Not on the present, but how he presented it to me. The present was perfect, it's something that I wanted, and I needed, and I loved it. But who gives someone a birthday present a couple of months before the day?? He even revealed what the present was before giving the actual present to me, so.. you know.. I was happy, but also kinda mad.

I did say to him, "You have to give me another present on my actual birthday!", and what I was implying was that I wanted a surprise gift. But I guess he still didn't get it. He's been quite frustrated and ended up just asked me what I wanted, and this is not what I wanted at all, lol. I just wanted a thoughtful surprise present from him, but I guess his mind just doesn't work in a romantic way at all. He wanted me to tell him what I wanted, so that he could buy it, and be done with it. But the thing is, things that I wanted is nothing near affordable, lol.

At this moment, I needed more tools to boost my productivity and my work in these digital platforms. We're talking about tech stuff here. But when it comes to tech stuff, I love top quality product that serves me the quality, the identity and the look. I've used PC and android phone for as long as I could remember back in the days, it's what my parents could provide me. But when I started to earn my own money, I purchased my first and my second apple product straight away in 2016 and honestly I don't ever want come back to windows nor android ever again.

I know how convenient and affordable a PC and an androids are compared to Apple, and if you're using them, I definitely not against you. But Apple is all in one package for me, though the price point is high but it's always been worth it as well. Both of my apple products that I purchased in 2016 are still good to  use to this date. I'm still using the macbook, and I changed to iPhone XS because I just needed the upgrade so I could create better content. 

Billy has been convincing me to get a PC. He wanted to get me a PC. And if I said yes, he'd probably gonna get it in a heart beat. But since what I wanted was an iMac, I could see that he's very heavy hearted on it. I didn't want him to get me an iMac for my birthday, though it would make me probably the happiest girl on earth if he did. It's just too expensive and I don't want him to sacrifice his savings just to support my dreams. But I think today he's changed his mind and wanted to get me the iPad mini instead.

Now iPad mini is cute, but it doesn't serve me a lot. I mean, I do want to play doodle sketch on it and maybe create cute YouTube thumbnails with it, but that's probably it. It is much more affordable than an iMac or an iPad pro, but I'm just afraid that I won't be using it much, and that it would be quite a waste of money. I didn't know what he's going to end up giving me as I fell asleep while he was doing his research on it, but I guess whatever he gave me on my birthday, I'm just gonna appreciate it and put it to good use as much as I can.

He's the best gift of all I guess :)


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