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Day 11 : Waking Up at 5, Finished Editing Cafe Vlog, Changing Journal Title, Copying MorganDrinksCoffee

 Wednesday, 11th August 2020

I woke up this morning at 5! Yes, you read me right! AT 5 AM!

I've been wanting to do it for quite some time now, since I know it can boost my productivity by much if I wake up early. I'm trying not to rush things today, so I stayed on my bed for half an hour. I got out of bed at 5:30, brushed teeth, watered my plants, changed the water for my herbs, filled my giant mug with water, take a big gulp, and started reading.Around 6:45 I finished up almost two chapters on the book, and then I switched it up to writing my journals. 

I finished the journals at 8AM and then, I switched it up to editing my video. The editing is basically done, I only needed to add the subtitle. I usually would move the final edited video to my phone and add the subtitle using Vllo App on my phone, because they make it so much easier on there. Even doing the all round simple editing, Vllo is very easy to use. But the downside of the app is, it's only for mobile, and it couldn't load a video that's more than 1GB (in this case, mine is 1.7GB). So I decided, for the first time in my life, I'm going to try and edit the subtitle through Final Cut Pro on my laptop.

After an hour of editing, I'm (again) stuck because of the rendering time. Now I've learned that it's probably way much easier and more efficient if I just split the video into two and edit the subtitle on my phone like I usually do. But I'm already almost half way into it, so for now I'll just stick with Final Cut Pro. [later on, I felt like I'm getting the hang of it, and probably just gonna stick into Final Cut Pro from now on, hehe]

Around 9AM I started to feel tired and sleepy. And so I thought, let's take a shower! I took a shower and also did my laundry, as well as washing my working shoes. I rinsed and scrubbed it manually by hand first, to get the coffee dirts off of it, and then I put it in the washing machine with my clothes afterwards. While rinsing, I was also listening to Lavendaire Podcast which talked about intentional living & organized life, and it's pretty great. I didn't finish it though, I just jumped on to the shower after I put all of the laundry into the washing machine. After shower I felt super fresh! So I went back to my laptop to edit again. This time I felt I that I had a better workflow. 

At 11 AM, I was super hungry already, lol. I decided to make Dalgona Coffee using the instant coffee that I bought last week. The brand was Lavazza, I knew I didn't like the brand, but it was on 50% sale, so I wanted to just give it a try. I picked the one that got the 'intense' flavour on the label, and OMG they do mean it. The flavour was too intense to my liking, and it has a super strong smoky burnt after taste. And for the next 4 hours, I was feeling this massive pounding in my heart beat. I couldn't even concentrate. I tried to edit still, but it's quite hard.

While I was struggling to edit, Megga texted me and showed me a snap of MorganDrinksCoffee Youtube channel. She said that she loves the way she made her thumbnail, it's so loud and clear. I looked at it, and then I looked at my channel, LOL. She was right, hahaha.. I told her that I will make my thumbnail just like that on the next video, see if it works for me. Nothing wrong in trying, right? loll

Around 2PM, I was hungry for real. I cooked the leftover frankfurts and rice from last night, with scrambled eggs. While I was cooking, I saw the instant coffee can on the bench and I was just curious with the ingredients, so then I read the label. Turns out the serving suggestions was 1-2 teaspoon for a cup! Meanwhile when I was making the Dalgona Coffee, I used 2 tablespoon. No wonder it felt super intense and strong and I felt over caffeinated like that, hahaha. MY BAD!

I ate my lunch and drank a lot of water to flush out the caffeine in my body and it seemed to be working, although I still felt like I'm high in energy. So to transfer this extra energy into a good use, I tidy up the whole apartment space 😆 After that I went back into my laptop and started to write a half day report in my journal. Yes, I've been writing my journal every half day now and it seems to be working just great. 

At 4:30 PM, I went back to edit the subtitles for my video again. I told myself that I needed to finish it by today and I stuck to my word. After two hours, I finally did it! I finished the subtitles, I even made the thumbnail as well. And as promised, I put a huge font on it just like what Morgan did, LOL. I didn't want to lose the momentum at this stage, so I uploaded it on YouTube straight away and set the schedule to be aired on Friday night. 

I still wasn't sure about my uploading day and time, but I reckon it's going to be on Friday at 10 PM Australian time, because it will be 7 PM on Indonesian time and 8AM in the United States. I did make a poll on my YouTube community tab asking which time that my subscribers prefer. So far the first rank on the poll said night time, and the second highest poll said to upload in the morning, so my plan to upload at 10PM was actually okay, right? :)

Speaking of planning, I did more writing on my big book of resolutions and goals, and it feels like my path seems to be clearer now. I'm super happy. I haven't ticked a lot of boxes on the goals lists, but I'm working on it and I believed that I'm always one step closer to achieving my goals.

For dinner I cooked yesterdays Army Stew leftovers and added more ingredients to top it up. Then we watched Doctor Sleep on Netflix, which is the sequel from The Shining, and it was alright. Not quite my cup of tea, but it's still entertaining. We finished watching by 10:30 PM and we both rushed to our study desk to finish up some more work, hahaha.. What a life. But I believed if me and Billy are working hard towards our goals now, we shall reap our success in the future together too :)

I finished up my journal on the blog and I finally decided to change all of the title on my blog. I used to just write the number of the day on the title, but now I'm writing key points of what's inside the journal. I think it's going to be easier for the readers and also for me to track back my progress and I could easily see what are the things important things on that day as well.

Alright, it's 12 AM right now, and it's time for me to sleep. I can't wait to wake up early tomorrow, hopefully by 5 AM again, hahaha. I kinda doubt it, but we'll see. Hope you're having a great day, loves. I'll see you all tomorrow! 




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