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Day 12 : Grocery Shop, Spending too much money on Skincare, Brianna Wiest Book, Cooking Braised Pork Belly

Day 12

Today I didn't wake up at 5. Well, technically, I did wake up at 4:45 without an alarm, then I decided to sleep a little bit and the next time I opened my eyes, it's already 6AM. hahahaha.. At that time, I felt quite tired, so I reckon I'm just going to sleep in and get the rest that I deserved. I was fully waking up at 7:30, and then I started my day with my routine : Brush my teeth, made the bed, drank water, read a chapter of the marketing book

I continued my day with re-watching my upcoming video that's going to be published in the next a couple of days, just to make sure everything is ready. I added the BGM details that I got from Epidemic Sound on the description box, I added some hashtags, and I went to bit.ly to shorten some links. After that I looked up to my big book, and see what else can I do today to tick some of these August goals. Since I already finished with the Cafe Vlog [4] video, I decided to move the data to my hard drive.

Right now most of my data are in my Hard Drive and all of my editing is done in an SSD Card. I know that my MacBook is not powerful enough for heavy editing, so I want to keep my MacBook clean, and I only use it to power my Final Cut Pro App. This seems to be working because I used to only have this macbook and one Hard Drive, and OMG if I tell you the stories of my editing struggle before I found this hack, you'll be as depressed as I was.

What I also did today was to start a new Final Cut Pro Library in my Macbook, and I filled it with all of the sound effects, the greenscreens, intro-outro & the subtitle template that I usually use. So whenever I want to use them, I just need to copy them straight away. This is again, a one step closer for me to achieve effectiveness especially in my editing process. And for that, I am super proud of myself. I also cleaned up my email, I unsubscribed to the emails that are no longer serve me good (online shop, nope).

I'm going to go for grocery shopping today, I already did my catalogue check last night, so I just needed to check what I actually need in from my pantry, fridge and inventory. I was planning to walk to the grocery while reading another chapter of the book. This will help me finish reading it sooner.

When I was out, turns out it was very windy, and it's freakin' cold. I didn't realize that it's actually so hard to walk and read especially when you're hair flew in every directions, your shoulder bag kept falling off of your shoulder, and the wind is too cold for your hand to be out holding the book for you. So yeah, reading was hard, but I still tried to read as much as I can. I didn't end up finishing a chapter, but I did get some good insight from what I read.

How Cloudy

My shopping journey starts in Priceline, since they're having this 40% sale off all of the skin care. I always take this yearly opportunity to buy the expensive face serum from La-Roche Posay that I couldn't afford when they're not on sale. I ended up buying two of them, I also bought a chapstick and also a reusable make up remover pads. I'm trying to save the environment more and more starting this year, and I think by switching to make up remover pads is a pretty big step.

I ended up spending $130 in Priceline today. I know that I'm actually saving money, but it's still a big hit to my savings. What comforted me was that they gave me another bag that's filled with a lot of samples and goodies. I never get this before ever when I shopped at Priceline, so I guess it's quite a win. What I didn't know what's going to hit is that right after I walked out of Priceline's door, I got a text message from Nick saying that he had to reduce more of my hours for next week down to twice a week.

Now I'm starting to regret my purchase from Priceline. *sigh* I know this is such a hard time for everyone, but I am pretty much in danger at this point :( I'm glad that I could stay home more and probably be more productive on my content, but I'm definitely going to suffer starting next week. Quite an irony because my birthday falls on this sunday, yet I have to face such hardship right on the next day. But again, I'm going to stay positive and try manifest only good things in my life :) And that's what you should do too! I'm going to try create more for my YouTube channel and see if that helps with my sanity!

I did a little bit of grocery shopping for tonight's dinner and decided to walk back home afterwards. I wanted to continue reading the book, but seems impossible to hold a book on one hand, and so much groceries on the other. So I listened to Podcast instead. While I was walking, thank God the sky cleared up, and it makes the weather more bearable. It's not windy anymore and the sun is out. What a beautiful afternoon!

The Podcast that I picked was another one from Lavendaire, which talked about how to grow your audience. This is something that really resonates with me and also what caught my interests a lot. So yeah, I've been really enjoying listening to it and they were mentioning about this book called '100 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think'. I really wanted to get that book now, but since it was published in 2016, I could only get the audible version of it, or PDF of it, I'm not sure which one to pick, but let's just wait until this week past, not sure if I would even have any money to buy anything at all.

When I got home, I sat on the couch for 15 minutes to finish the podcast and afterwards I got this tiny urge to be more active on my Instagram platform. Then I probably spent the next hour looking at a couple of videos about how to grow your Instagram audience. I re-watched the videos again and wrote a bunch of points on my big book. I know that Instagram is not my focus point for this month, but I'll definitely use this tips later on. 

Around 5PM I tried tidying up my laptop and also started sorting up for my upcoming video to edit, I moved it in one folder inside my SSD, and opened a new Final Cut Pro library for it. I didn't remember doing anything much at all afterward, I just remembered that I started cooking my dinner as early as at 6PM, because I knew that I needed to braise it for at least an hour in the pot.

Tonight I'm making Braised Pork Belly, but I didn't get any pork belly at the grocery today, I got pork rasher instead. It actually looks pretty much like pork belly; it got the skin, the meat, the fat, so I just went with it. I posted some of the boomerang videos of the cooking process on Instagram Stories and I implemented one of the Instagram Tips that I got this afternoon straight away, just to get myself into the habit. 

I didn't do much later in the night, I fell asleep on my couch again, haha.. I felt like I'm quite slacking, but I also knew that I've been doing so much, so I didn't feel as bad. I hope I could do more tomorrow, but again. We'll see! Hope you're having a great day wherever you are, chat with me on the comment section, and I'll see you tomorrow! 




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