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Day 13 : Binge Watching Productivity Stuffs feat. Kelly Stamps & Matt D'Avella, Uploading Cafe Vlog [4], Moving to Patreon

 Thursday, 13th August 2020

I started my day pretty late today, as late as 10 AM! Not because I woke up at 10 AM, but because I didn't finished my journal last night, so I had to finish it this morning and published it, haha. Classic Laura, always procrastinating. But yeah, it's all finished now. I really wanted to organize my life even more today. I watched Kelly Stamps video yesterday, she's a Full Time Youtuber and she said she's only working for 3 days in a week! Like 3 DAYS! Meanwhile I'm busting my ass off 7 days a week for it, haha..

I think I needed to organize my life by hour and started to put a time limit for every task that I needed to do on that day. Geez I jut got an email from BUPA (Medical Visa Services) that they refunded my money. Well, I kinda need money at the moment, but this irritates me a bit as well. So for my upcoming Visa in Australia, I needed to submit a health assessment report. I planned to do it as soon as June this year, but when I opened BUPA's website to make an appointment, it says that the soonest appointment that I could get is on September. Crazy, right?

So I booked my health assessment in June to be done in September. And now we're in Stage 4 lockdown, they decided to cancel all appointments in August-September, and refunded the money. That sucks, really. I don't know how long I should wait after this just to get another appointment. But oh well, what can I do. Let's just be happy and grateful, ey?

I spent the whole afternoon binge watching videos to boost my productivity. Today, my teacher is Matt D'Avella. I think I watched his videos for an hour or so. And then I started writing down what I could do to boost up my daily productivity. Things that I learned today are :

1. To list off the things that are stressing me out and try to tackle them first.

2. Observe my process, record my process and refine my process

3. Batching Tasks

4. Create a To-Do List for everything

5. Use Calendar

The latest one, which is using my calendar is one of the things that I've been wanting to do, but I kept on pushing it off. Why? Because I just realized that the Apple ID that I'm using on my laptop and the one that I'm using on my phone are two different IDs. That's why I couldn't connect them, meanwhile I'm always constantly going back and forth between working on my laptop and my phone. One thing that I'm super scared of is actually all of the password that are saved on this laptop. I'm scared that I'll lose them once I switch my apple ID, which I would. And that's why I've been putting it off because I always felt overwhelmed just to think about all of the password that I stored, so I don't want to do it and delay it over and over again. But not today.

I decided to sit down and write all of the password that I stored in my laptop as well in my phone. Honestly, that was a lot of password to write down. But yeah, I'm so glad I could finally do it, and the next thing I'm going to do is to use a password manager for my own sanity. I'm also going to start writing a to-do list and a timeline on my calendar for each day. I'll set a time on every task that I needed to do for the day and see if I could finish the task according to the time. I'll track my record :)

Later the night I ate dinner with Billy and watched an episode of Dark. I also decided that I'm going to post my Cafe Vlog tonight instead of tomorrow. I don't know, I guess Thursday is better :) While I'm waiting for 10 PM to come, I did more journaling and also added the Bahasa Indonesia subtitle for that video. I didn't end up finishing the subtitle because it's already premiere time, but I checked the time, I guess it took me around 75 minutes to translate a 10 minutes video, wow.

On the premiere, 41 or you joined me and watched with me, I'm so glad :) I'm going to do premiere more often I guess, just to say hi to you all! By the way, I've been thinking, I'm going to stop journaling on this platform, but I'm going to continue it on Patreon. I'm going to continue this blog with just posting a non-private related stuffs. So my last journal would be on the 15th of August and on the 16th (My Birthday), I'll move them to Patreon. And I'm also opening a PayPal for donation as well. More on that will be on the separate post.

I hope you all safe, happy, and healthy wherever you are :)




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