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Day 14 : I Changed My Journal Format! 279 Victoria St Journal Inspired 💞

Friday, 14th August 2020

Hey guys! Today's journal is going to be different than the usual. I feel like I want to change my daily journal into something more specific and more educational for you guys. Instead of telling you about me, me, me, let me share you about the things that I learned one day at a time, so you could learn too! This is a good idea, right? I would love to hear your thoughts about the change, so leave me something in the comment if you like :)

What inspired me to this sudden change? This all happened when I stumbled upon 279 Victoria Street's Instagram Post this afternoon :

Image from @279victoriast Instagram

It was a heartfelt post about Yuki, who was a Miso Brewer at 279 Cafe until Covid-19 hits the country. Due to the pandemic, she was no longer needed and basically lost her job. But her boss gave her an opportunity to become a blogger and write for their journal instead. And that leads me to search for their journal.

I found the link on their Instagram profile and visited 279 Victoria Street journal right away. And oh . my . God, it is mezmerising! They used an all white theme (my favorite), it looks super clean and the contents are very inspiring! Please do check them out here if you like. They shared all things about Japanese culture and also about their business. I found all of the post very amusing and informative. Kudos to Yuki  for her writing skills and to her boss for making this happened :)

I actually visited 279 Victoria St Cafe at the start of this year, back when Covid-19 hasn't happened yet. I went there with Megga and we had a really nice afternoon there. Not only we had a delicious lunch, we also watched a guy brewing Miso, it was fascinating! Let me see if I still got all of the photos that I took there. Hmm.. I only got pictures from my phone, I couldn't find the ones that I took with my camera :( But anyways, here they are :

I would say, everything in this Cafe is very aesthetically pleasing and very intentional! The Cafe is divided into two sections : The front is where the coffee bar located, and the back is where the Miso bar took place. At that time, we picked the Miso bar area. We sat there, ordered coffees and some Musubi.

The people who works there were very warm and welcoming, they didn't give me the weird look as I took so many pictures with my camera, lol. The fondest memory I had there was when a guy started to brew the Miso. The brewing set up was quite similar with brewing filter coffee, but this is for Miso Soup! 😱 They have three brewing station and each of them has their own scale and drippers!

Images Source : 279VictoriaSt Instagram

My experience in 279 Victoria St Cafe is definitely remarkable and I wish to visit them again when the pandemic is over. This time, I got to try their Miso! I also heard that they are opening a retail on the second floor of the building, and I can't wait to buy everything from there! Hahah.. I was thinking about getting Chemex for my first home brewing set up, but now that I've seen their stuff, I'm definitely getting the Origami Dripper instead!

This is Chemex (Image : @KnoxvilleBrew on Instagram)

This is Origami Dripper (Image : @279VictoriaSt Instagram)

What do you guys think? Which one should I get? Comment below!


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