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Day 15 : Finally Updating my e-mail signature

Apologise for being four days behind on the journal, but I promise I'll catch up! 😆 I had the best isolation birthday last weekend, and I felt like treating myself with some quiet time. But today I'm back, and I will be sharing to you about what I've recently done :  I updated my e-mail signature and also my Google Account photo. 

This probably sounded like a 'meeeh' kind of task, but this is actually important and not a lot of people are giving attention into it. So, using an e-mail signature is for the people who uses e-mail to communicate on a daily basis, it could be corporate people, someone who owns a business, self employed, or even anyone for that matter.

Having a customized signature does add a professional touch to your email, especially if you're using it for business. Instead of just having 'Regards, *your name*' you can have a little personal signature that shows more about who you are. It's kind of like dropping your business card in every e-mail that you sent, so that the person who you're e-mailing with could know more about you and what you do.

I've made a customized e-mail signature back in 2013 when I was still on my blogging days. It was nice, and I've been using it for the longest time now. But once I moved to Australia, I've been neglecting it and I haven't been updating it ever since. And that's bad, because I am still using my e-mail for business communication to this date, but my e-mail signature as well as my Google Account photo have been outdated for three years. Ew.

So yeah,  it is been a very long overdue, but I'm on it now. Thank goodness. 

I'm using G-mail here, and to change your e-mail signature, it is very simple. Just follow these step by step :

1. Go on to your G-mail account, and click the setting icon on the top right, next to your photo

2. Once you click it, you'll be given a drop down menu, click 'See all settings'

3. After that, you'll be shown this page, and you want to scroll down until you found the Profile Picture section

4. If you want to change your picture, simply click the 'About me' link

5. Then you'll be directed to this page, just click on the profile picture that you want to change

6. Pick a profile picture that you desire, and then click 'Change'

Now for the signature, you want to go back to your G-mail setting page first

1. On the 'Signature' section, click '+ Create new'

2. Type in the name of the signature that you want

3. Then open a new tab, and go to Hubspot.com to create your own e-mail signature

4. after you're done and happy with the design, click Copy signature

5. Go back to your g-mail and paste the generated signature into the box, and set up your signature defaults too

6.Scroll to the very bottom and click 'Save Changes'

And that's about it! Easy right?? I can't even comprehend why I didn't do this sooner, I guess I was just lazy. But anyways, it's all good now and I'm so glad I could share this with you too! Do you have or have you made your own e-mail signature? Send me an email at hi@laurangelia.com and show off your e-mail signature to me! By the way, the tutorial above is a new signature that I made for my other e-mail just so that I could show you how to do it, but below is the real e-mail signature that I updated :

There's just a slight change, but it's definitely needed and necessary. At this point, I feel like I'm more of a content creator than just a blogger since I have several platforms that I equally update on a daily basis. And I changed one of my niches from travel to coffee. Not saying that I'm not into traveling anymore, of course I am, but I think coffee has been taking quite a big part in my content creating life now, so yeah it should be up there. 😉 Also, I needed to erase my Indonesian number, and just not put my phone number at all, since I'm better with reading and writing rather than listening and speaking. So e-mail would be the best communication tool with me right now.

Alright, I hope you guys learn something with me today! Let me know what you guys think of this post on the comment section below, I love you guys much and I'll see you on my next blog post.


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